Access a renewed sense of energy and clarity

to support the deepest engagement with your purpose.

This is a different kind of cleanse than what you might be used to. 

Rather than being about deprivation and control, this  Ayurvedic Cleanse for Body and Mind is about rest, renewal and nourishment. The focus of this reset is on slowing down, simplifying, and acting with intention. It is an opportunity to observe your relationship with food, listen to your body, and reconnect with your inner guide.

The Reset for Resilience is intended to grow your capacity to embody the just and sustainable world we know is possible.

This 21-day program, centered around 5-days of cleansing, will guide you through preparation, detoxification, and reintegration

Get ready to activate healthy digestion and boost immunity in just 21 days.

It is our greatest hope that through this reset you will access a renewed sense of energy and clarity, and that this restoration enables you to show up as your best in your life and work.

This is the experience you've been craving.

It will be especially beneficial if you...

  • Suffer from frequent digestive discomfort (constipation, bloating, gas, acidity, heaviness).

  • Regularly experience stress, anxiety, or burnout.

  • Feel held back by fatigue, lethargy or low immunity.

  • Long to reconnect with a sense of inspiration and motivation.

  • Seek to establish a more intentional relationship with food.

  • Struggle with breakouts, rashes or dull skin.

  • Want to cut out sugar cravings.

  • Do not want to spend a fortune on an over-the-top expensive cleanse.

  • Yearn to feel better, but don’t know where to start.

  • Are curious about rest as a form of resistance to capitalist mindset.

A small step toward personal and planetary wellbeing.

The Reset for Resilience is a tangible action step you can take on behalf of yourself and the collective.

Resilience is cultivated through routine, ritual and rest. 

The Reset for Resilience is based in the wisdom of Ayurveda, a framework that is grounded in nature. It acknowledges that, with fractal awareness of how the elements are organized within and around us, we can orient toward deeper connection to ourselves, our communities and the planet in small and big ways.

During the 5 days of cleansing, we will guide you to embody simple Ayurvedic practices, work with the Earth’s elements, and find cadence with nature’s rhythms to weave these keys to resilience into your life. You will leave with small and sustainable personal practices that can be leveraged for collective and planetary wellbeing.

Throughout the program, we will also recommend books and podcasts to engage with during your Reset that inspire you to embody your pleasure and purpose.

The goal is to return home to your body and your innate wisdom so that you are able to co-create a world that invites everyone to thrive.

Why do an Ayurvedic Cleanse for Body and Mind?

  • To restore your natural state of resilience.

  • To create intentional time and space for rest.

  • To give your body an opportunity to heal and repair.

  • To support the body’s detoxification process.

  • To enhance metabolism for more comfortable digestion.

  • To rejuvenate your cells and deeply nourish your tissues.

  • To experience greater clarity of mind and purpose.

  • To feel more at home in your body.

  • To practice small and sustainable personal wellness that fractals into collective wellbeing.

  • To promote long-term wellness and strong immunity throughout the entire year.

Join us for the Fall group reset, beginning October 4!

Cleansing during the seasonal transition from Summer to Fall sets you up for a grounded Winter.

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What's included?

Resources within The Reset for Resilience

  • In-Depth Guide to Ayurvedic Cleansing

    A 60-page downloadable E-Book Guide that provides a step-by-step road map to pre-cleanse preparation, cleansing, and mindfully transitioning post-cleanse — with how-tos and detailed instructions for more than ten ancient self-care practices.

  • Inspiring Lists & Recipes

    Shopping lists that cover cleansing ingredients, teas, herbal remedies and self-care tools. As well as a variety of delicious and unique tridoshic recipes with variations for preparation and customizable meal alternatives. Plus, recommendations for reading and listening!

  • Daily Routine Checklists

    Four easy-to-follow Daily Routine Checklists to guide you through the cleanse and post-cleanse journey — that will remind you what to do (and when) to best optimize your cleansing experience every step of the way.

  • 1-on-1 Call With Molly

    Enjoy an optional 15-minute private call with Molly McConnell (certified Ayurvedic practitioner and co-founder of Cultivate Balance) to orient to the program and get your questions answered directly.

  • Exclusive Group Access

    Receive a special invitation to join our guided group cleanse in the fall. Molly and Sierra will be present with you for the 21-day experience, offering three live group calls and exclusive videos to the community of participants.



This is more than a Kitchari Cleanse.

Embark on a journey of Ayurvedic cleansing with real food — including juice, broth, herbal teas, fresh produce and whole grains — while exploring radical tools for restoration of mind and spirit.

Program Overview

Here's what you can expect throughout the 21 days.

Feel Good. Do Good.

Self care is a radical act — when you are vibrant and awake, you have the clarity and energy to show up for what you believe in.

Take a look inside the program!

You'll be guided step-by-step through the entire process.

  • 1

    Welcome to The Reset for Resilience

  • 2

    PART 1 | THE PREPARATION (Days 1-9)

  • 3

    PART 2 | THE CLEANSE (Days 10-14)

    • It's time for The 5-day Cleanse!

    • RECORDING | Live Group Call #2

    • INTEGRATE | Action Steps & Key Reminders

  • 4

    THE CLEANSE | Day 1

    • Welcome to Day 1

    • CHECKLIST | Cleanse Day 1

    • VIDEO | Tongue Scraping

    • VIDEO | Oil Pulling

    • VIDEO | Preparing Your Juice

    • VIDEO | Pre-Meal Agni Kindler

    • VIDEO | Preparing Your Mung Soup

    • VIDEO | Post-Meal Trikatu

    • GET CURIOUS | Resources for Critical Thought

    • INTEGRATE | Action Steps & Key Reminders

    • REFLECT | Questions for Journaling

  • 5

    THE CLEANSE | Day 2

    • Welcome to Day 2

    • CHECKLIST | Cleanse Day 2

    • VIDEO | Oil Massage & Sweating

    • VIDEO | Preparing Your Spiced Apple

    • VIDEO | Preparing Your Kitchari (in an InstantPot)

    • GET CURIOUS | Resources for Critical Thought

    • REFLECT | Questions for Journaling

    • INTEGRATE | Action Steps & Key Reminders

  • 6

    THE CLEANSE | Day 3

    • Welcome to Day 3

    • CHECKLIST | Cleanse Day 3

    • VIDEO | Neti Nasal Rinse

    • VIDEO | Oil Nose Drops

    • GET CURIOUS | Resources for Critical Thought

    • REFLECT | Questions for Journaling

    • INTEGRATE | Action Steps & Key Reminders

  • 7

    THE CLEANSE | Day 4

    • Welcome to Day 4

    • CHECKLIST | Cleanse Day 4

    • VIDEO | Clove Face Paste

    • VIDEO | Fenugreek Exfoliant Face Mask

    • GET CURIOUS | Resources for Critical Thought

    • REFLECT | Questions for Journaling

    • INTEGRATE | Action Steps & Key Reminders

  • 8

    THE CLEANSE | Day 5

    • Welcome to Day 5

    • CHECKLIST | Cleanse Day 5

    • VIDEO | Triphala Eye Rinse

    • GET CURIOUS | Resources for Critical Thought

    • REFLECT | Questions for Journaling

    • INTEGRATE | Action Steps & Key Reminders

  • 9


    • Begin your mindful reintegration!

    • RECORDING | Live Group Call #3

    • E-BOOK | Chapter 5 | The Post Cleanse Journey

    • GUIDE | Reintroducing Varied Foods

    • PLAN | 7-Day Reintegration Plan (samples + template)

    • GUIDE | Maintaining Healthy Agni

    • CHECKLIST | Post-Cleanse Daily Routine

    • E-BOOK | CHAPTER 6 | Rejuvenation

    • GUIDE | Rejuvenation Recipes

    • VIDEO | Rejuvenative Yoga

    • GET CURIOUS | Resources for Critical Thought

    • REFLECT | Questions for Journaling

    • INTEGRATE | Action Steps & Key Reminders

  • 10


    • About Ayurveda

    • OPPORTUNITY | Keep the Momentum

    • MORE SUPPORT | Connect with Us

    • QUESTION | How are you?

If you're feeling off your center

it's probably time for a reset.

Give yourself the space to rest, reflect and re-invigorate your purpose with the nourishing support of an Ayurvedic Cleanse for Body and Mind. 

The Reset for Resilience is a truly holistic experience. In addition to a cleansing and nourishing meal plan, you will also be invited to practice daily self care, mindfulness and awakening to what matters. 

The better we feel in our bodies, the more energy and vitality we have to show up for what matters most.  

Within the Reset for Resilience, you will experience step-by-step guidance to facilitate your own cleanse (from home!) — in a way that is deeply nourishing, effective, and restorative.

Sierra and Molly will walk you through powerful cleansing techniques, Ayurvedic how-tos and more than ten detailed self care practices that will bring you home to your body. 

This Ayurvedic Cleanse for Body and Mind is about care, rather than control. Our protocol offers a gateway to lasting nourishment and gives rise to a deeper connection to self.

It is our greatest hope that you walk away from this reset experience feeling centered, embodied, inspired and motivated to live your purpose.

Invest in Your Sustained Wellness

Cleanse on your own, or with a friend to SAVE!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this Reset different from other cleanses or detox programs?

    Unlike other cleanses, which can be very harsh on the body, ultimately leaving you weaker than when you began, The Reset for Resilience is designed to enhance your strength and energy by offering your body deep nourishment. This is a cleanse that actually tastes good and feels good while you’re doing it. You will feel nourished and satiated throughout your day, rather than hungry and depleted. Preparation is fast, easy and affordable, and you won’t ever be so hungry that you feel anxious or unable to function in your daily life. The intelligence of The Reset for Resilience is that it eases you into healthy and sustainable eating habits that will feel great in your body, while supporting a deeper relationship to self.

  • When is the best time to do the Reset for Resilience?

    Although a kitchari cleanse is great throughout the year, it especially beneficial at the junction between seasons (Summer to Fall, Winter to Spring). It is also very supportive during potentially stressful moments of life transitions, whenever you need a quick reset, anytime you want to get digestion or nutrition back on track (i.e after the holidays), and when recovering from illness. You'll have lifetime access once you join, so you can come back to the Reset for Resilience again and again. The Reset for Resilience is designed to include just 5 days of committed cleansing, with a full 21 days of engagement with the process. For optimal results, make sure that you have enough time and space to commit to all the (luxurious) components of gentle cleansing, including a week of preparation beforehand and a week of mindfully transitioning afterward. The Reset for Resilience can be completed on your own schedule, or you can join us for group cleanses in October and April of each year.

  • What will I be eating?

    In the first 9 days of preparation, you will simplify your diet to focus on fresh produce, whole grains, organic proteins and nourishing fats. During the 5 days of intentional cleansing, you will enjoy kitchari, warm broth, and fresh juices. Kitchari, akin to porridge made from basmati rice, mung dal, spices and ghee. Eating kitchari is an ancient method used to reset digestion — the foundation of radiant health — and to gently detoxify your entire body. To complete this cleanse, you’ll simply follow the meal guide to know exactly what to eat when. In the 7-day reintegration phase (aka Post Cleanse Journey), you will slowly reintroduce foods by beginning with the easiest to digest and working toward higher allergen potential foods...listening to your body along the way. We will offer the information. We will guide you through the different phases of re-introducing foods.

  • Are meals and supplies provided?

    Cultivate Balance provides the meal guides, recipes and shopping lists, but does not provide the food, herbs or optional self care tools. We do our best to have a low environmental impact, which means limiting the amount of packaging/shipping we do. We encourage you to access the freshest ingredients, by sourcing them locally yourself. This also enables you to customize your meal plan to exactly what will feel best your body.

  • How long will my enrollment in this program last?

    You will have access to this entire program for six months from the day that you enroll. Included in that six month period is the opportunity to join the biannual guided group Reset with Molly and Sierra. Guided group programs run in the Fall and Spring each year. If you prefer, you are welcome to guide yourself through the program on your own time. Check the countdown to know exactly when the next guided opportunity will be.

  • Do I need to take time off work to complete this Reset?

    It is possible to complete The Resilience Reset without taking time off work, but we find that the cleanse is much more generative when our participants have at least a few days to truly unplug and disengage with capitalism. The cleanse portion of the Reset is five days - if possible, plan for at least three of those days to be non-working. If that means utilizing two days of the weekend and taking one official day off work, that is OK. The more you can enable yourself to truly rest during this Reset, the more effective it will be. Because this is a nourishing Reset, you will never be so hungry that you feel anxious or unable to function in your daily life.

  • What do you mean when you say "the collective"?

    Simply put, when we say "collective" we are referring to the greater community that exists outside ourselves — from our families to our fellow global citizens. Understanding that our individual experience is a foundational aspect of caring for others, we offer the perspective that self care is a radical act.

  • Who is the Reset for Resilience for?

    This cleanse is for anyone in relatively stable health who desires a moment of reprieve and feels they could benefit from more lightness and clarity. People with all gender identifications are welcome and encouraged to participate. This cleanse is not recommended for those suffering from any sort of debilitating condition or extreme weakness, as the body will not have enough strength to engage in even gentle detoxification. This cleanse is also not for children under the age of 10, though they may certainly enjoy kitchari along with you.

What are people saying about it?

“I had what feels like a life-altering experience doing this cleanse.  The mental clarity, capability for controlled patience and will power,  among many other benefits contributed to my realization that this needs  to become part of my self care routine. 

 I know that  one can always benefit from cleanses and detoxes, but I didn’t realize  how much I needed to do this, and my perspective is now broader after  having successfully followed it!”

—  Kelsy, Yoga Instructor (Louisiana)

Meet Your Guides

Founders of Cultivate Balance

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioners, Wellness Educators

Molly & Sierra of Cultivate Balance

Sierra Brashear, MA, and Molly McConnell, RYT 500, are both NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Practitioners and graduates of Alandi Ashram’s 2,000+ hour, National Ayurvedic Medical Association certified program. In addition to our formal training, we have both experienced firsthand the amazing wellness transformations catalyzed by Ayurveda, and are advocates for preventative wellness, body-positivity and self love in our daily lives. We believe that self care is a radical act — when you are vibrant and awake, you have the clarity and energy to show up for what you believe in — and we understand that balancing ourselves is the foundation for balancing our families, communities and the planet. With this in mind, we are committed to shifting humanity’s lived experience through respect for and realignment with nature. We source inspiration from the rhythms and elements of the Earth, knowing that this is the wild reclamation of our ability to heal ourselves and transform the world around us.