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    Return to internal balance so that your body can heal itself and lasting wellness becomes available.

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The Art of Ayurveda

Ancient Secrets for Self Care


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In this free mini-course you'll learn how to enhance your wellness in just four very simple practices that align you with the rhythmic and elemental influences of the Earth.

Each full course offers:

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  • Lessons + videos packed with valuable information

  • Quizzes + reflection questions to integrate the knowledge

  • In class worksheets + exercises to apply knowledge right away

  • PDF handouts with guides, remedies + recipes

  • Active discussion forums for engagement + community building

  • Focused goals + takeaways to implement after each lesson

  • A group Q&A call with the instructors (recorded or live)

  • Daily Wellness Routine Checklist Template

  • A Guided Meditation

Meet your Guides

Sierra and Molly, founders of Cultivate Balance, are Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioners + Wellness Educators.
Meet your Guides

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