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Perhaps you’ve observed how you differ from your friends in seemingly inexplicable ways. According to Ayurvedic wisdom, this is because each individual embodies a unique composition of the doshas — vata, pitta and kapha — coming together to create a distinct body, mind and personality. Learn how this composition defines much of who you are, how you relate to the world around you, and how you experience your physical body.

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    • WELCOME | Introduction

    • PRESENTATION | 60 Min

    • QUIZ | How do I explain myself?

    • DOWNLOAD | Vata Overview

    • DOWNLOAD | Pitta Overview

    • DOWNLOAD | Kapha Overview

    • OPPORTUNITY | Take the next step!

    • MORE SUPPORT | Connect with Us

    • BONUS GIFT | Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Doshas

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Meet Your Instructor

M.A., Clincial Ayurvedic Practitioner + Educator, Doula

Sierra Brashear

Sierra Brashear, MA is a Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner, wellness educator, DONA-trained doula and herbalist. As a graduate of Alandi Ayurveda's 2-year 2,000+ hour Practitioner of Ayurveda program in Boulder, Colorado, Sierra believes in the power of Ayurveda to heal ourselves, our families and our planet. She is also founder of Vibrant Souls and co-founder of Moon Bath.

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