Restore digestive balance and clear toxins.

In this eye-opening course, you will learn to...

  • Nourish

    Use food as a tool for returning to balance. Learn what to eat, how to eat and when to eat for your unique mind body type.

  • Transform

    Experience easy, comfortable digestion with simple dietary shifts and the cultivation of a robust digestive fire.

  • Detoxify

    Understand how to identify, reduce and prevent toxic build up in the body by harnessing your digestive power.

This course is written for you if you...

  • struggle with gas, bloating, acidity, constipation or loose stools

  • feel like something is "off" in your digestive system and want to understand the root cause

  • are curious about what foods you should be eating for your unique mind body type

  • want to rid your body of toxic metabolic waste

  • desire a life of energy, clarity, vitality and deep nourishment

Discover next level nourishment.

Healthy digestion is the foundation for deep, satisfying wellness.

By participating in these 4 in depth modules, you will learn how to nourish your unique mind body constitution through diet. You'll discover the root causes of your digestive imbalances, and begin to experience freedom from gas, bloating, acidity, constipation and loose stools. You will also gain an understanding of how to identify, prevent and reduce toxic build up in the body by harnessing your digestive power. When you do, you'll find you have more clarity, energy and vitality.
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Take this course to...

  • Discover the 3 types of digestive imbalances and which one applies to you

  • Identify the signs of optimal digestion and understand how to achieve it

  • Access simple remedies for daily digestive discomfort

  • Enjoy new recipes and remedies suited to your digestive needs

  • Learn to unlock the nutrients within your food for more optimal absorption

  • Remove toxins and unclog your bodily channels to support tissue nourishment

Course curriculum

Part 2 | Nourishment for Vitality

As a student in this course you will receive...

  • 4 in-depth modules of learning material + quizzes

  • Checklists for assessing digestive fire and toxins

  • 3 guides for healing distinct digestive imbalances

  • Downloadable meal flow charts for each dosha

  • Handouts on The Six Tastes + Proper Food Combining

  • An Ayurvedic Spice Guide + Ayurvedic Recipe Guide

  • Access to a private Facebook group with instructors + fellow students for community support

This is Part 2 of The Art of Ayurveda

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  • $495.00

    $495.00The Art of Ayurveda: Ancient Secrets for Self Care

    By completing all three courses in this series, you will shift how you experience your body now and lay the foundation for a lifetime of health and radiance.

Self-Paced Coursework

Integrate the knowledge and practices on your own schedule

Once you have completed Part 1, you may begin Part 2 and work through course modules at your own pace. We recommend that you complete one module per week to give yourself time to integrate the information and practices. Each module and its coursework will take approximately one hour to complete. If you work through Part 2 at this pace, you will complete all four modules in one month, and can move on to Part 3.



Payment Options

Pay $249 all at once, or make 3 payments of $83 each.

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Meet Your Instructors

We are delighted to be with you!

  • Molly McConnell

    Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner + Wellness Educator, RYT 500

    Molly McConnell

    Molly is a Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner, Wellness Educator, and self-proclaimed Self Care Extraordinaire dedicated to inspiring wellness in the world around her. She is an advocate for body-positivity, self-love and the realness of an individual’s experience. After more than 2,000 hours of Ayurvedic study and clinical experience at Alandi Gurukula, Molly is eager to continue sharing and exploring of the healing wisdom of Ayurveda.
  • Sierra Brashear

    M.A., Clincial Ayurvedic Practitioner + Educator, Doula

    Sierra Brashear

    Sierra Brashear, MA is a Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner, wellness educator, DONA-trained doula and herbalist. As a graduate of Alandi Ayurveda's 2-year 2,000+ hour Practitioner of Ayurveda program in Boulder, Colorado, Sierra believes in the power of Ayurveda to heal ourselves, our families and our planet. She is also founder of Vibrant Souls and co-founder of Moon Bath.